TTNL’s Next Generation Datacenter

Data Fabric: your foundation for agile data management

TTNL provides future proof data center solutions with the NetApp Data Fabric the Next Generation Datacenter. Current developments in the business landscape demand an agile, data-driven approach for cloud-based solutions. But the question is: is your data center ready for these solutions and services in the cloud?

Maybe you could use a little help. TTNL would gladly like to prepare your data center for the usage of cloud services. With the NetApp Data Fabric you are free to make a connection with several solutions and services in the public cloud to meet your business needs.

How do we do it? Meet NetApp Data Fabric.

Hybrid Cloud data management

NetApp Data Fabric consists of an architecture that lets you connect to several cloud services. TTNL furnishes your Data Fabric for the hybrid cloud. It effortlessly connects resources from the cloud to your own data center.  

Data Driven Infrastructure

The user friendly Data Fabric control panel helps you manage, move and protect your data in private and public cloud services. This provides you the freedom to choose several cloud services while maintaining control over your company data. You are able to adjust cloud resources fairly easily, so you can anticipate to new business needs or changing demands and guidelines (keeping the GDPR in mind).

Cloud Ready Datacenter? You are in charge!

NetApp Private Storage, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud? No matter which hyperscale cloud provider you choose, the overarching Data Fabric component lets you transport data effortlessly to several hyperscale cloud providers. We break the silo’s so you can move your data and applications from your legacy infrastructure to your public cloud services or between your public and private cloud. You’re in charge!

The power of NetApp and TTNL combined

NetApp DataFabric and TTNL provide a datacenter that supports you in all aspects of the business. Your data availability and security are guaranteed by the excellent back-up and disaster recovery options.

TTNL designs the solution to your needs, so you’re prepared for every situation. The user friendliness helps you react to customer needs and speed up your IT-cycles: from application development to production.

Do you need more information about the Power of TTNL and NetApps solutions? In this reference case we show you how we helped one of our customers.

TTNL would love to help you to arrange your Next Generation Datacenter. Feel free to contact us so we can show you the possibilities for your organization.


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Do you need more information about the Power of TTNL and NetApps solutions? In this reference case we show you how we helped on of our customers.

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