Quality & CSR

Tectrade attaches great value to quality and CSR

Quality and CSR are of great importance for our organization

Tectrade attaches great value to quality and works continuously on quality improvement, customer satisfaction and the improvement of processes (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified). These certifications are very important for many of our Managed Services customers, for which we perform remote services. More and more clients (especially healthcare institutions, governments and listed organizations) want to be sure that if we manage their infrastructure, we will do so in a safe, responsible and predictable way.

That quality shows itself in our CSR policy. More than 50% of the commercial vehicles are electric and the new business premises are energy efficient (lighting, equipment control, heating). We aim for a paperless office by digitizing as far as possible (billing etc.).

Through the application of new technologies in our own data center and those of our customers, we continuously strive to decrease energy consumption and apply sustainable energy reducing solutions. With our managed services portfolio we remotely manage the data centers of our customers, so that less travel is required. We work exclusively with equipment from renowned manufacturers that are affiliated with the international EICC code of conduct  (http://www.eiccoalition.org).

Our personnel policy

Almost all our employees have the possibility to work from home and everybody gets the opportunity to develop skills, to follow training and courses and develop their careers. Employees are stimulated to follow a healthy lifestyle by the free provision of fruit in the office and a company fitness card. The personnel policy of Tectrade is focused on offering equal opportunities to men and women, immigrants and Dutch citizens and people from different age groups in all levels of the organization.

Accredited Training Company

Tectrade has opted to free up time, space and resources for the supervision and training of students from secondary vocational education. Our trainers, also called instructors, pass on professional knowledge to young people who will later constitute the foundation of the business community.

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