Areas of attention

Data Management in the Hybrid Multicloud

TTNL has been the trusted advisor in the area of innovative IT solutions since 1993. Where we once started as a hardware supplier with Mainframe and AS400 solutions, we have now grown into an independent multi-vendor partner that specializes in IT virtualization, data management and the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. We have extensive experience with various national and international customers and we have received numerous certifications and awards. This enables us to offer proven Enterprise Class IT solutions with which we are able to satisfy your scalable and future-proof IT requirements. TTNL helps you to keep your data well-organized and manageable.

The data centre of the future

Along with our various specializations in IT virtualization we also have a clear vision about what the data centre of the future should look like. The data centre of the future will offer you more control and we will, for instance, develop a consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy between the private and the public cloud. We ensure that our customers’ data is always available. We will of course take into account the security of your critical data and the compliance with current legislation. In short, will will be pleased to advise you!

Is the hybrid cloud the best solution?

We can help you with all your questions about data management in the public, private and hybrid cloud. Due to our extensive product portfolio in combination with our years of experience in optimizing complex IT infrastructures, we know exactly which solution works best in any situation. We advise and assist organizations in making an informed choice to possibly transfer a part or perhaps even their entire IT environment to the Cloud. Aspects such as cost savings, simplification and modernizing the IT infrastructure play an important role in this choice.

Get to know TTNL and exchange ideas with one of our specialists about the design of your data centre. We will be pleased to advise you about how you can create added value for your organization from your data!