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Effective systems for backup and recovery are crucial

Data protection becomes second nature with the help of TTNL. In partnership with you we will identify the most appropriate solutions in the area of software, storage, backup, high availability and data recovery. In addition, we demonstrate how to effortlessly protect your ever increasing volumes of data. If you want, we can completely take over this task for you. Thanks to our managed backup services you no longer have to worry about data protection and your IT teams can devote all their attention to the support, improvement and transformation of your organization.

Particularly in a hybrid cloud environment it is important to keep control over all data locations and to know exactly how and when data moves between the various environments. It is therefore important to think about the restrictions of the (public) cloud. Many organizations think that the backup in the cloud is automatically properly regulated. A backup will indeed be made, but how far back in time does it go, and does this satisfy the relevant legislation? Questions which we will be happy to discuss with you. We will be pleased to help you create a backup and recovery solution, which is specifically designed to meet your requirements and wishes in the most (cost) efficient manner.

Can you allow yourself any downtime?

Disaster recovery, the RPO and RTO are key at organizations where business continuity is of vital importance . In an IT world where developments occur at an ever increasing pace the protection of business data is a very important item. In particular, the growth of data and making the environment available again as fast as possible following a disaster lead to challenges for most organizations.

Your organization will almost certainly have a disaster recovery plan

But do you also know what your RPO / RTO is for your most critical applications and when was the last time you tested this? Applications are increasingly running on virtualized infrastructures and/or in the cloud. To be able to optimally deploy the investments in these technologies it is necessary for organizations to align their entire IT strategy. This means that the impact of a virtualization strategy in the production environment will only achieve its full effect if virtualization is also incorporated into all other IT processes and procedures, therefore also into disaster recovery and business continuity.

Traditional solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery are not always suitable for enterprise virtualized data centres and cloud environments. Furthermore, not all applications need to be up and running again as quickly as each other following a disaster. TTNL will be pleased to help you develop a consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy for your private and public cloud environments.

You can always guarantee your SLAs?

Does your SLA satisfy your requirements for your critical applications, not only for now but also for in the future? Particularly if you have migrations planned such as storage, hypervisor or cloud migrations. And is your organization faced with audits and how do you deal with this in the area of disaster recovery, how much money and effort will it cost and are the tests always successful? Suppose, you can increase the SLA for your most critical applications to an RPO in seconds and an RTO in minutes without having to adjust your existing IT environment, would you like to know more about this? TTNL works with the smartest tools that are available in the market for data protection to create a consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy for your private and public cloud environments.

In the data centre of the future you will have more control and we will help you with the development of a consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy between private and public cloud environments. Make an appointment today with the experts in the area of data protection.

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