What do you consider to be the most important aspects of the cloud?

Are you considering transferring your organization to the cloud? Then you should not make any hasty decisions and make sure that you are well prepared for your journey to the cloud. TTNL will be pleased to help you analyse the advantages, disadvantages and the risks of ‘the cloud’. To examine which cloud is the most suitable for your organization, we first analyse the objectives, wishes and ambitions of your organization. We critically examine existing and new workloads and the requirements from the organization.

Is your organization and data centre ready for the cloud?

We ensure that data is stored at the correct location and is ready for use when you need it, with the right speed and availability. We also examine whether you can make better use of your current IT investments or whether new solutions are possibly necessary. Our team of specialists offers a full transition plan of your current environment to a new infrastructure that is ready for the future.

We organize your data in such a way that, if desired, you can easily transfer it, from and to the cloud. This is a more cost efficient solution for environments with large volumes of data than the public cloud.
Together with you, we will create a cloud platform with which your data infrastructure is transparent and scalable, and which can be effectively monitored. We will be pleased to help you make your organization and your data centre cloud ready or cloud enabled. It is up to you whether you want to manage and support your infrastructure as a  cloud environment on-premises, at or via a third party or with a combination of these. In other words: we make your data centre ready for the future. And if you want, we also even offer complete service and support by means of our managed services.

Make use of our years of experience with critical data in complex environments and quickly make an appointment with one of our specialists. We will be pleased to share our knowledge with you!

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