Is your data centre future-proof?

To achieve your business objectives it is vitally important to efficiently support the underlying infrastructure. TTNL helps various national and international organizations to modernize their data centres in a hybrid cloud environment. In a hybrid cloud infrastructure, applications and workloads often run on several infrastructures and cloud environments, which increases the complexity and pressure on the network management. A good network architecture is the basis for a hybrid data centre that is ready for the future.

Less management pressure

Traditional data centres are often built from the viewpoint of technology and equipped with dedicated hardware for fixed processes. Greater flexibility has already been generated through virtualization but the management of the network and the storage environment continues to be a complex and labour intensive process. By using software to centralise the intelligence of the processes and disconnect it from the hardware results in an infrastructure that is more scalable and is available on request. This greatly increases the speed of rolling out and managing applications.

Software Defined Network (SDN)

With a software defined network architecture (SDN) you add a central control layer to be able to configure, manage and secure the entire network. With SDN we can create seamless connections between public, private and hybrid cloud environments. SDN reduces the management pressure and the associated OPEX. Organizations with a Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) can expand more easily, innovate faster and bring new solutions in the market more efficiently.

Depending on your wishes we look for a solution that best fits your existing network and cloud applications, or we create a new network environment based on technologies from the most important suppliers in the market such as Cisco, Microsoft and VMware.

The data centre of the future

In the world of Enterprise Hybrid IT, the modern data centre is virtualized, always available, flexible and enabled for the multi cloud. We will be pleased to advise and provide guidance on your route to a future-proof data centre.

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