Orchestration is necessary to be able to offer IT as a Service

The (re)design of a data centre must be based on the objectives, wishes and ambitions of the company. It must be possible to quickly and flexibly implement changes in business processes and roll-out new services. Orchestration is an important component for organizations that want to support the business and offer IT as a Service.

Preparations for orchestration

Together with you, we will carefully analyse your existing business processes and the manner in which they are supported by IT. Depending on your requirements and the complexity of your environment, we can implement the BlueDolphin software from ValueBlue. BlueDolphin is an automated tool to analyse the structure and efficiency of complex ICT landscapes. After we have analysed your business processes, IT and information flows, we will have an insight into the possibilities for improvement and the impact of changes and standardization. The objective is to focus on the functionality and standardize processes. This makes you no longer dependent on the underlying technology or hardware.

Computerization and virtualization

After standardizing and consolidating your IT infrastructure and the associated business processes we can virtualize and computerize your environment. Finally, we will implement the central management layer over your complete virtualized environment, the so-called orchestration layer, so that you can centrally control all the underlying processes. With orchestration you gain control of and visibility into all your data, processes and costs irrespective of the location of your data and applications. Standardization and automation make your environment less error prone and reduce your costs by avoiding recurring activities and through the resolution of errors.

IT as a Service through Orchestration

With orchestration you can easily offer the standardized services and applications to your users via a product and services catalogue in a portal so that you really make IT as a Service available within your organization.

TTNL has many years of experience with IT virtualization and the optimization of data management. Together with you, we will be pleased to examine how we can make your existing or new data centre ready for the future. We can help you with the design, implementation and management..

Make an appointment with one of our specialists or visit one of our interactive knowledge sessions where, together with specialists, customers and prospects, we examine current and relevant topics and important challenges within Enterprise IT environments in more detail.

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