Public Cloud

What does the cloud mean for you?

Everyone is looking to the cloud and considering whether and when the public cloud is the right solution and how verifiable this is. There are many reasons to migrate your data to the cloud: lower investment expenditure, more speed and flexibility, a lower TCO and higher utilization of your resources. But there are many possibilities and not all organizations are the same. It is important to fully examine which options best suit your organization’s requirements , so that you can achieve the maximum benefit.

Do you know where all your data is located?

TTNL has a great deal of experience in making IT environments cloud enabled and they know which data can easily be transferred to the (public) cloud and which data can better remain on-premises. The emergence of public cloud services and SaaS solutions, such as Salesforce, increase the risk of shadow IT with all its consequences. With applications in the public cloud that are purchased decentrally it is sometimes impossible to keep control of all the data. The public cloud is a fantastic solution, for example, for temporary projects, specific point solutions, projects with many peaks or for contingency. But for projects with a lot of data the public cloud is quite often not the most cost efficient solution. We see in practice that the cloud is often less interesting for large companies than it is for small companies. When large volumes of data are involved the costs can increase significantly whereby the cloud is no longer an inexpensive solution..

How secure is your data in the cloud?

Making back-ups of your data is not always well regulated in the public cloud. It is also not always possible to recover deleted data. Matters that are not entirely unimportant, certainly when it concerns the GDPR.
The architecture that TTNL can set-up for you ensures a sound backup and recovery strategy and offers the freedom to transfer data to and from public cloud environments such as Azure, Amazon and IBM Cloud, without restrictions or lock-in.

TTNL will be pleased to help you design your data centre and determine a sound data and cloud strategy.

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