Virtual Desktop Infra­­structure (VDI)

The virtual desktop is an important component on the way to a Cloud Infrastructure

The ‘new way of working’ offers many advantages, employees can work more flexibly, they may decide for themselves which device they use and they often use these devices both privately and for business. The management of all these devices and applications makes it impossible for many IT administrators to maintain control over all the data. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an ideal solution for this because all software and data can be managed and backed up centrally. Due to the centralisation (business sensitive) data is more manageable and controllable, which is not completely unimportant given the new European privacy legislation (GDPR/AVG)..

Moreover, many organizations want to be less dependent on their IT department when rolling out applications or when assigning new users. With VDI, employees with an Internet connection can work via any device and at any location with just a user name and password. IT departments no longer need to be involved everywhere with everything. Repetitive activities can easily be automated so that there is less pressure on IT departments. An additional benefit of a VDI environment is insight into the monthly costs since with many solutions there is a fixed fee each month per user per device.

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure requires a good underlying infrastructure to be able to provide the users with the right performance. A good combination of hardware and software is essential for this. But what is the best solution? TTNL helps organizations to make a correct and informed choice by going through all possible solutions and consequences with our customers. When doing this we only include solutions and technologies from proven manufacturers so that we can also guarantee good support in the future. Due to the centralisation of the management, VDI becomes an important component and is sometimes a first step towards a (hybrid) future-proof cloud environment.

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