Case study: Audax

NetApp storage and backup: ‘Making backups in a snap’

In this case study Roger Boussen and Dick Kriens from media company Audax explain how they went from six hours to make backups, to only a few minutes.

Audax, customer case

Audax had had enough of slow backups and their outdated storage solution. Together with Tectrade, the company opted for NetApp storage and backup with snapshot and SnapVault technology.

How Tectrade managed to considerably speed up Audax’s back-up process, can be read in this customer case. You also read about:

  • Business continuity and data replication
  • The training program
  • Storage efficiency techniques, such as deduplication and compression
  • Why Audax did not opt for a cloud solution

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audax, tectrade




Left: Dick Kriens, ICT Manager
Right: Roger Boussen, Technical Infrastructure Manager

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