Reference case

Reference case: The journey to the Cloud at BAS Holding

The ambition and strategy of BAS Holding is to go as quickly as possible to the Cloud. Optimizing the IT services, in combination with security, user friendliness and continuity, is part of the ambition of the company.

A major project with an implementation time of 2.5 months!

BAS Holding B.V. is the umbrella holding company of a number of independent companies with divergent activities, which are all focused on the requirements of transport companies. BAS Holding provides the customer with products and services from A to Z due to the different components such as BAS Retail, BAS Trade and BAS Services. There are currently around 780 FTEs working worldwide at this fast-growing organization.

Roberto Pero, IT Team Leader at BAS Holding explains how the ‘Cloud’ project progressed and why they eventually opted for the Hybrid Cloud. ‘Tectrade has given a lot of attention to the full picture, for which the BAS requirements and the issues they face play a central role in the proposed solution. This is really the strength of Tectrade, they have given a great deal of thought about every site, workstation, telephony and infrastructure.’

The journey to the Cloud

Download the complete reference case and read how BAS Holding takes the first step towards the Cloud with a virtual desktop infrastructure.

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