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TCO Report: Tape vs. Object Storage

Archiving large volumes of data: what is the best method of storing data?

For some time now there has been an explosive growth of data. Every year, the digital universe grows by no less than 50 percent. Particularly in the world of media and entertainment the volume of data is growing at a tremendous rate, due to the use of large formats such as 4K, 8K and 360/VR. Studios and broadcasting organizations generally rely on traditional LTO tape systems (Linear Tape-Open) as the method for storing data. Although tapes are generally an excellent storage method, they appear to have some difficulty with the rapid growth of data. Modern, flexible technologies such as object storage provide a cost-efficient alternative.

The development of object storage
Currently, about 49% of organizations use tape storage. On the one hand, this is due to the idea that LTO tapes are cheaper than the alternatives. On the other hand, there is a reluctance to update legacy processes and IT environments.

In addition to LTO tapes, new technologies have been developed, such as object storage. This technology distinguishes itself as an extremely scalable, flexible and cost-efficient solution. Archiving ‘objects’ in a flat structure and providing them with metadata, provides infinite scalability, real time search options, instant retrieval of files and minimal management costs.

For instance, did you know that……

  • the scalability of object storage is crucial in meeting the growing demand for capacity;
  • the integrated data security capabilities of object storage minimize downtime;
  • the costs of tape management play an important role in calculating the total TCO;
  • the rich metadata added to the objects, improves the search capabilities and makes possible the future AI-focused search functions?

Active Archive from Tectrade

Active Archive is the perfect object storage solution from Tectrade. It allows for efficient and cost-effective storage and archiving of large volumes of data from various devices or endpoints such as PCs, smartphones, but also media files. It is based on a so-called Vendor Neutral Archive and the data is always available and very easy to find. Because it provides you insight into the data and the data streams, the data is well protected and can be easily modified in the event of new legislation.

For more information about Active Archive, please contact us via email at, by phone 0345-547040 or complete the contact form.

TCO Report: Tape vs. Object Storage
If you are interested in learning more about the differences between object storage and LTO tapes, download the whitepaper ‘TCO Report: Tape vs. Object Storage’.

You will for instance discover:

  • how object storage relates to LTO tapes, with regard to media archives and back-up;
  • the results of a detailed TCO analysis of both the capital and operational costs;
  • the findings and experiences of a well-known TV show, which recently switched from tape to object storage.

Download the TCO Report: Tape vs. Object Storage by filling in the form below. 

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