From AS/400 to IBM i and LinuxONE

TTNL understands your IBM environment

To be ready for the world of Enterprise Hybrid IT, that is what all organizations want. This is possible with a data infrastructure that offers the performance that is necessary to provide your business with a good service. A powerful and reliable IT environment that is right for your company.

The power and reliability of IBM

This power and reliability is within your reach thanks to IBM. For many years, IBM has been bringing strong solutions to the market that have proven to be indispensable for Enterprises: AS/400, IBM Power, IBM iSeries and LinuxONE. If, for instance, you are looking for a platform for big data and business intelligence then you cannot ignore the IBM platform. IBM Power and LinuxONE are the most reliable and the price performance ratio is significantly better than those of the Intel alternatives. Companies are able to make good decisions, due to the incredible fast processing of data.

Keeping up to date with IBM developments and releases

IBM continues to develop and regularly announces new products and new releases of the operating system. For example, they have recently announced Power 9, while for many of us it does not seem that long ago since Power 8 was released. TTNL makes sure that you keep up to date with these developments and the necessary upgrades for your IBM environment so that your business continuity is not jeopardized.

It is often impossible for companies to keep abreast of all the new developments and applications. TTNL Managed Services offer the solution. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of and experience with IBM environments. A large number of Dutch and international customers make use of this knowledge during complex design, implementation and migration projects. In addition, the demand for our education and support services is continuing to grow.

Support for your IBM environment – two TTNL Managed Services highlighted

Managed Power

With TTNL ‘Managed Power’ we offer a proven Enterprise management solution for IBM i. Our specialists provide SLA-based monitoring, reporting and management support services. PowerAssist is available in various service levels and can be expanded with additional services, such as performance measurements, an annual health or disaster recovery check and escalation management.

Managed PowerTTNL Power Cloud

Power Cloud
The TTNL Power Cloud delivers the strength and reliability of IBM Power in a hybrid cloud environment, installed with the latest IBM Power9 technology. Virtualisation takes place on the basis of PowerVM and PowerVC cloud, while Power9 technology enables efficient hosting of IBMi, AIX and Linux environments.

TTNL: IBM Platinum Business Partner & Ecosystem Partner of the Year 2019

Why are we the best partner for you? TTNL has about 30 years’ experience with the implementation and management of Enterprise IBM environments and with everything regarding the Power platform. We are familiar with combinations such as LinuxONE, Linux on Power in combination with, for instance, SAP HANA – everything to help you achieve your goals with regard to demanding workloads. TTNL is maybe IBM’s most widest certified partner. This is exactly why TTNL became the first IBM partner in IBMEurope to achieve Platinum Business Partner status and was IBM Ecosystem Partner of the Year 2019!

We would like to help you to make your infrastructure work for you!

A closer look at your IBM solution?

Do you want to brainstorm about the security of your IBM i, do you want to test the new OS release on a test server in our Cloud Innovation Centre or do you want to apply for a Proof of Concept? Our specialists will be happy to advise you!

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