What will your data centre look like in 2020?

Transparent and straightforward data management

The (re)organization of a data centre must be based on the objectives, requirements and ambitions of the company. It must be possible to implement changes in business processes and new services quickly and flexibly. TTNL helps Enterprise organizations to keep their data transparent and manageable. We not only examine the business processes, but we also take into account the legislative and regulatory changes. The administration or classification of data must be quickly and easily modifiable when a new regulation is introduced, such as the GDPR.

The future data centre provides freedom in the public cloud

Another requirement for the future data centre is that you can easily migrate your data from legacy platforms to public cloud services. And back again to a private cloud environment. The hybrid architecture that TTNL can set up for you, offers you the freedom to manage your own data and move it back and forth to public cloud environments, such as Azure, Amazon and IBM Cloud, without restrictions or vendor lock-in.

Data protection and security

It is important to keep control over all the data locations and to know exactly how and when data moves between the various environments. In the future data centre you will have more control and we can also develop a consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy between private and public cloud environments.

Data protection and information security are the DNA of TTNL and we are happy to help you design, set up and thereby guarantee the security of your data and data centre.

IT as a service

As a result of the freedom to develop in a private or public cloud, we reduce the precious time to market and IT can actually be provided ‘as a service’.

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